Benefits of computer

Benefits of a computer


We are living in the age of computer.Most of our daily activities are being influenced by the use of computer.Computer you have become an integral part of our lives.

  A computer is an automatic electronic machine that converts raw data into useful information with the help of certain intruction.These instruction are issued in form of aprogram.

A programis a sequence of insructions,Written in a specific computer language,Which operates on data to a perform a certain task.

Benefits of a computer

There are many bebefits of using a computer. Some of them are given as under

Accuracy:- If the input of instruction given to a computer is correct,  There is no scope for error in the tasks performed by a computer.

Fast Speed:- Computer works at a great Speed. the computer can perform Complex tasks within no can process the data and information in a blink of your eye which otherwise may take months together.

Versatility :- Computer can perform multiple tasks of different nature at one and the same time. One can write a Artical  in MS Word on a computer taking assistance of a computer dictionary while listening  online music of one’s choice  at the same computer and can take printouts of same documents simultaneously.

Storage:- Computer have a ability to store large amount  of data .One can store hundreds of book on a DVD Which otherwise may occupy one room of storage .Further,the required information can be accessed even after several years with 100% completion and accuracy.

Classification of a computer

Computer are classified according to their data processing speed,  Amount of data that they can hold and process. Depending upon their speed and memory  size , Computer are classified into following four main groups

Analog Computer 

 An analog computer  is a form of computer that uses continuous physical phenomena such as electrical, mechanical, or hydraulic quantities to model the problem being solved. 

Digital Computer

 A computer that performs calculations and logical operations with quantities represented as digits, usually in the binary number system

Hybrid Computer 

 A combination of computers those are capable of inputting and outputting in both digital and analog signals. A hybrid computer system setup offers a cost effective method of performing complex simulations.


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