Types Of Networks

1. Peer- to-Peer network In this network no computer set-aside as a server but all computers operator as equals.Each computer is called peer.Each computer can acts as a client or server.Each computer is responsible for its own security.It is small networks having number of computers less than 10</p><h3><strong>Advantages </strong></h3><p>The network is easy to operate. The resorce […]

Computer Viruses

                                          A computer virus is a computer program that can infect your computer system by executing itself without your permission or knowledge and run against your wishes. Viruses can also replicate itself to maximum the […]

Maintaining The Computer

                                    Microsoft has created a pair of built-in automated troubleshooting packs to optimize and maintain performance. window 7,8,8.1,10  window 7,8,10 handles lots of lots of files. So, you need to organize files in logical ways and perform maintenance […]

Basic of computer network

INTRODUCTION                Each of the past three technologies has been dominated by a single technology. The 18th century was the era of the great mechanical system, The 19th century was the age of the steam engine. During the 20th century, the key technology was information Gathering, Processing, And Distribution. […]

what is the os

what is the operating system                   An Operating system is a program, which acts as an interface between a user of a computer and the computer hardware. So the Propose of an operating system is to provide an environment in which a user may execute programs. The […]

Components of a Computer

Components of a Computer                    Because component of a computers are made up of two parts. The hardware and the software. And the physical equipment required to create, use, manipulate and store electronic data is referred to as hardware. So the computerized instructions that operate a computer […]

Input-Processing-Output Cycle

Input-Processing-Output Cycle            This is the termed as <a href=”http://www.snblogs.com/category/computer/”>input Processing output cycle</a> .A computer receives data as input ,processes it, Stores it and then produces output. Input, Process, Output, and Conventional Technology To provide a better understanding of input, output, and processing, these concepts are defined as follows. Input – […]

Benefits of computer

Benefits of a computer     Introduction  We are living in the age of computer.Most of our daily activities are being influenced by the use of computer.Computer you have become an integral part of our lives.   A computer is an automatic electronic machine that converts raw data into useful information with the help of […]