Basic of computer network


               Each of the past three technologies has been dominated by a single technology. The 18th century was the era of the great mechanical system, The 19th century was the age of the steam engine. During the 20th century, the key technology was information Gathering, Processing, And Distribution.

             As a result of rapid technological progress, these areas are rapidly converging and the differences between collecting transporting, storing and processing information are quickly disappearing.  


      • Human Network.
      • Computer Network.
      • Network Plan

2. Computer Network

  • Access to the world wide web (www).
  • Shared use of application & storage servers.
  • Shared use of Printer and fax machine.
  • Use of E-mail & instant messaging services.

3.Network Plan

         To connect the computers in the network in case of a large organization, may be confusing and also difficult to track various problems. 

        Hence we should have a plan for a computer network. The plan shows how all the networks component are devices are connected so that this is known as network plan

Network Feature

  • File sharing
  • Printer sharing
  • Application sharing
  • E-mail
  • Remote access
  • Internet and Internet
  • Network security

Advantages of computer network

  1. Increased speed
  2. Reduced cost
  3. Improved
  4. Flexible access
  5. Electronic software manegers
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