Happy Friendship  Day 2019

Happy Friendship Day 2019

Friendship day is celebrated in India and some other countries on the First Sunday in August. This year friendship day is celebrated on the 4th of August. Every year on this day many friends come together to celebrate this special day by exchanging gifts, cards or by exchanging bands as a token of friendship which shows their special bond.

 Lets us see something more about Friendship Day.

    Friendship Day was founded1919 by Hallmark. People used to celebrate their friendship by sending cards to one another. But slowly this dried up and was completely died.

But again in the year 1998, a person named Winnie the Pooh was the world’s Ambassador of Friendship at UN and on April 2011 United Nations  Officially declared 30th July as a FRIENDSHIP DAY.

Even though many countries celebrated Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August.

So, here my wishes, Happy Friendship Day all my Friends. Just Rock the day and keep Rocking.

There are many different ways of celebrating Friendship Day. Many people hang out with friends and some celebrate this day by doing Parties. Nowadays many people update their status on WhatsApp and Facebook and share their bond. It is also a way of expressing their feeling. Many people also send shyaris and friendship day quotes. This day is also a normal day between friends because True friends don’t need any special day to celebrate their friendship.

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