Summer Season In India

There are four main seasons in India. Summer is one of them. It is very hot weather, but it is well-liked by many. It lasts for four months (March, April, May and June), however, May and June are the hottest months. The summer season is due to the earth revolving around the sun. During this process, when part of the earth comes close to the sun, that part gets heated (due to the fall of direct rays of the sun), which brings the summer season. In this season, the days get longer and the nights get shorter.

Precautionary measures in the summer season

  • We should wear comfortable cotton clothes during the summer season.
  • We should consume cold foods to avoid the heat of summer.
  • We must take many precautions to stay healthy and fit throughout the season.
  • We should go to the hilly areas to face the summer during the summer holidays.
  • We should drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and heatstroke.
  • We should not go out during the day, especially from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., to protect ourselves from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • We should put some water and some grains of rice or grains in our balcony or corridor to protect the birds in summer.
  • We must ask people for water, especially from sellers, postmen, etc.
  • We should use resources that provide cooling in the summer season, however, reduce the use of electricity to prevent the ill effects of global warming.
  • We should not waste electricity and water.
  • We should plant more trees in our surroundings and water them regularly to reduce the heat.

As we all know that man is the most intelligent creature created by God. So we should always keep positive thinking in the summer season. We should enjoy this season by all the comfortable resources of summer, though we should use them sparingly. We should always save water and electricity. We should not waste electricity and water, because clean water is available in large quantities on our earth and excessive power consumption serves to increase global warming. So it is the responsibility of all of us to try to make this summer season even more enjoyable for ourselves while protecting our resources.

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