TYA Makeup Kit + 5 Pcs Makeup Brush + 2

Lakme Full Makeup kit Price In India

Lakme full makeup kit price in India.Nice packaging. Those who say that the powder was all over the pack, please know that there is a transparent cover on the main pack which has tiny holes for dispensing the powder. Keep it closed when not in use. The soft pink version is good for a Fair to Wheatish complexion, gets rid of the oiliness of the skin instantly. This is being used for years by women now and has received good reviews hence I finally placed the order. I’m so glad I did. Go ahead and buy it while it is still on sale.

Product Description

Bought to you from the house of Lakmé Classics, The Lakmé Rose Powder is a classic must-have. Blush your cheeks with this Lakmé Rose Powder which has a light rosy fragrance & sunscreen to protect your soft, peachy skin. The Lakmé Rose Powder comes in two warm pink shades which you can pick according to your skin type and occasion. Add the Lakmé Rose Powder to your make up kit right away because you need that rosy glow! But the Lakmé Rose Powder now! Flawless Skin Every Day If flawless and even skin is what you wish to have, the Lakmé Rose Powder is just right for you. This Lakmé Rose Powder is infused with extracts of real roses that is sure to nourish your skin. It blends easily and protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Whether you are heading to work or on a special occasion, this Lakmé Rose Powder 40 g will give your face a gorgeous look every single day. Apply it on your face or over your foundation and say goodbye to oily skin. Must-Have for Every Beauty-Conscious Woman. The Lakmé Rose Powder makes a great addition to your makeup kit. You can either use a foundation brush or the available puff to apply this Lakmé soft pink rose powder on your face. Blend it easily using gentle strokes to achieve a smooth and even finish. Suitable for daily use, the Lakmé rose powder with sunscreen compact powder will let you breeze through the day looking fabulous. This classic rose powder has a sweet and subtle fragrance of roses that feels good on your face, while its matte finish controls oily skin for long hours. Features and Benefits: Loose face powder with rose fragrance, Contains extracts of real roses, Protects skin from the harmful rays of the sun, Controls oil for long hours.

Lakme Rose Face Powder

This product from Lakme is so underrated. It is an amazing best powder at such a low price. It smells like rose and doesn’t cause breakouts. And the shade of warm pink is better suiting to medium skin tones.

  • Loose face powder with rose fragrance
  • Contains extracts of real roses
  • Protects skin from harmful rays of the skin
  • Controls oil for long hours
  • Easy application
  • Available in different shades

Lakme Rose Face Powder

Smells like a rose and the powder itself is very fine. The puff could have been a bit better. It’s good for daily use and hasn’t caused any rash or breakouts yet. I’ve been using this for over a year now. I think it can be used for baking too although I haven’t tried. The quantity is amazing given the price of the product. Definitely worth buying. I bought both shades as I couldn’t decide and use both. This one (soft pink) is just a face powder, not silky smooth, yes it smells good to set when you open the box. That’s it. The Rosey-ness tint on cheeks comes with the warm pink, not this one.

TYA Makeup Kit + 5 Pcs Makeup Brush + 2

  • Two shades of compact powders
  • High shine eye shadows
  • Juicy lip colours
  • 24 Shades of Eye, 3 Shades of Blush, 2 Face Powders (1 Shimmer & 1 Non-Shimmer) and Sponge Applicator, 4 Lip Colours
  • 5 Pcs makeup brush Multicolor N

Best Offer Now

The eye shadow and the blush only have glitter and no definite colour when applied to the face. Not good for simple makeup, Lakme Full Makeup kit Price In India since a lot has to be applied to even bring out the colour onto the face. The foundation powder is okay. The brushes are not good since it doesn’t help blend anything. good.

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