Types Of Networks

1. Peer- to-Peer network

In this network no computer set-aside as a server but all computers operator as equals.Each computer is called peer.Each computer can acts as a client or server.Each computer is responsible for its own security.It is small networks having number of computers less than 10


The network is easy to operate.

The resorce sharing is simple.

It is cost effective for small network.


It is not useful for database application.

It cannot maintain security.

It cannot be used for large networks.

2. Server-Based network

In this network one computer is set-aside as a server and remaining all computer acts as client.The server processes all the request made by the client.server is high performance system.It has faster CPU and more disk space amd memory size.The server is operateb by network.Operating system


The network is more secure..

It is used in large network.

It is useful for database application..


It is difficult to install the network.

It is not cost effective as cost of server is large then the client.

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